Class Action

I know I should not make a fuss, since those who do are crazy, unfit parents, with mental health issues, but . . .


“Discrimination in Domestic and Family Violence Policy, Messaging and Application Causing Substantiated Harm”

Call for Plaintiffs – Queensland*


The State of Queensland


The Honourable Dianne Farmer,

Minister for Child Safety, Youth and Women and

Minister for Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence

The Honourable Mark Ryan,

Minister for Police and

Minister for Corrective Services


The Honourable Grace Grace,

Minister for Education and

Minister for Industrial Relations

The Honourable Yvette D’Arth

Attorney General and

Minister for Justice

Legal Team:

(Proposed) Slater and Gordon Lawyers

Lead Plaintiff:

Knot AMan#

This class action is organised and initiated by the lead plaintiff.  It covers discrimination by the defendant(s) that can be demonstrated to have caused damage to persons. It covers discrimination in the areas below.

  • domestic and family violence policy
  • domestic and family violence public messaging
  • domestic and family violence funding
  • domestic and family violence implementation
  • domestic and family violence law enforcement
  • domestic and family violence in education

The class action seeks compensation through liquidated damages for lost parenting time, reimbursement of prior costs required to mitigate harm and future costs projected for attempted recovery from harm. These costs may include:

  • historic and future therapeutic expenses for adults and children
  • lost potential income due to injury
  • rehabilitation activities for adults, children and their relationships
  • child behaviour management
  • incurred legal expenses where allegations are not substantiated
  • other legitimate expenses

The class action requires 7 plaintiffs to launch and upon receiving sufficient suitable additional applications, the proposed legal team will be approached to arrange the establishment of the class action and the funding for litigation. The class action will then immediately cover all of those harmed.

Should you wish to participate as a plaintiff or as a person affected by similar circumstances, please send your details and a short summary of your basis of claim to: Knot AMan

Media/Enquiries:  Media are invited to email and monitor the following social media sites.
*   The lead plaintiff for Queensland is coordinating the plaintiffs for a similar class action in each other Australian state and territory. Applications from other jurisdictions will be forwarded to the appropriate lead plaintiff who volunteers.
# Knot AMan is a male victim of domestic violence in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He has no contact with his 7yo son due to destruction of their relationship by his son’s mother. He uses an alias as it is illegal for him to use the internet or social media to make any adverse comments about his abuser. Police prevented him from adding his real name to the ballot paper in 2019 for the Australian Senate representing Queensland as an endorsed candidate for the Equal Parenting Party. He has lodged 2 formal complaints with police Ethical Standards Command and complaint BNE3415191 with the Queensland Human Rights Commission. He is founder of End Gender War Global, an international human rights movement promoting accountability in gender issues.  He survives financially on loans from his parents who have mortgaged their house.  He received no income last year.
  Donations are not required but do assist and can be made at

For a PDF copy of the Class Action call for plaintiffs, click here.