Queensland Police Service Promotes Male Suicide

Correspondence with Queensland Police regarding their encouragement of male suicide.

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QPS – Referral Confirmation
I You replied on


QPS – Referral Confirmation
Police Referrals noreply@policereferrals.org.au
Fri 30/10/2020 7:00 AM

2 police referrals have been made for you to Victim Assist QLD, and DVConnect Mensline. They should contact you in the next two business days.

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Subject: Info Pack
From: victimassist@justice.qld.gov.au
Sent: Fri 30/10/2020 8:00 AM


The Police have told us you were a victim of violence.
Please click qld.gov.au/dfvinfo to find out how we can help you, or call 1300 546 587.

Victim Assist Queensland
Department of Justice and Attorney-General
victimassist@justice.qld.gov.au | Phone: 1300 546 587
–pack 1b email—

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Subject: (No subject)
From: srs_notifier@infoxchange.org
Sent: Sat 31/10/2020 2:12 PM

Please Do Not Reply

DVConnect Mensline have been asked to contact you by Police regarding a recent domestic violence incident

Please call us back on 1800600636

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Subject: QPS – Referral Confirmation
From: Knot Aman
Sent: Sun 1/11/2020 9:36 PM
To: admin@policereferrals.com.au; morayfield@parliament.qld.gov.au; commissioner@police.qld.gov.au; bulimba@parliament.qld.gov.au; Bettina Arndt; info@qhrc.qld.gov.au; mail@dvconnect.org

Dear PoliceReferrals,
You may need to ask the real person for whom you made 2 police referrals what his email address is and notify him accordingly.

This e-mail address belongs to Knot AMan, a male domestic violence survivor and human rights activist seeking an end to discrimination in Domestic and Family Violence by the Queensland Police Service, the Queensland Government and others.

Knot AMan is an anonymous alias created to allow him to publicly claim to be a victim of domestic and family violence by his ex-wife without the threat of being imprisoned by the Queensland Police Service for breaching a domestic violence order by publicly criticising his ex-wife in any way using the internet or social media. This was proven necessary due to a threat by the Queensland Police Service to criminally charge him if he submitted his real name to the Australian Electoral Commission as an officially nominated candidate of a registered political party for the senate representing Queensland at the last federal election.

Referrals of male survivors of domestic violence by the Queensland Police Service to DVConnect is a form of abuse of men which is encouraged by the Minister for Child Safety, Youth and Women and the Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence, Di Farmer. By this action, the Minister and the Queensland Police Service knowingly and deliberately seeks to increase the prevalence of male suicide in Queensland, since all men calling DVConnect are assumed to be perpetrators of domestic violence and cease their violence according to the published philosophy of DVConnect as shown below:

DVConnect operates under a framework of a gendered analysis of domestic and family violence.

A gendered analysis is supported by research, evidence and data, and indicates that domestic and family violence is most often perpetrated by men against women; and that perpetrators of this violence are fully responsible for their actions.https://www.dvconnect.org/history/

Information published by DVConnect at https://www.dvconnect.org/power-and-control/ exclusively identified females of victims of domestic violence by males and uses gender to describe domestically violent behaviour. Domestic violence is a harmful behaviour and is not an inherent quality of either gender. Selective statistics seeking to enforce male perpetration of domestic violence and minimise all other forms of domestic violence within same-sex relationships, parent-child relationships and consequent suicide are shown at https://www.dvconnect.org/domestic-violence/statistics/.

The Queensland Government and the Queensland Police Service must immediately cease supporting male suicide and remove the Queensland Government contract from DVConnect for 1800 Respect and for all domestic violence support services with that contact being awarded to a science-based non-sexist organisation free of ideology that seeks to end domestic and family violence of all types toward all people regardless of the gender of victims or the types of domestic relationship they are in.

This e-mail will be published by Knot AMan and copied to the Queensland Police Commissioner, Katrina Carroll, the Queensland Minister for Police, Mark Ryan, the Queensland Minister for Youth, Women and Child Safety, the Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence, Di Farmer, the Queensland Human Rights Commission, Journalist Corrine Barraclough, Journalist Bettina Arndt AM and DVConnect.

Kind Regards,

Knot AMan

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Subject: Your Ministerial Response: 2020/19007
From: Police <Police@ministerial.qld.gov.au>
Sent: Fri 4/12/2020 11:44 AM
To: You

Good morning

Please see the attached in response to your recent correspondence.

Thank you.

Office of the Honourable Mark Ryan MP
Minister for Police and Corrective Services and
Minister for Fire and Emergency Services

P 07 3035 8300 Email: Police@ministerial.qld.gov.au
1 William Street, Brisbane QLD 4000PO
Box 15195 City East QLD 4002


Thank you for your email of 1 November 2020 to the Honourable Mark Ryan MP, Minister for Police and Corrective Services and Minister for Fire and Emergency Services, about referrals of male survivors of domestic violence by the Queensland Police Service (QPS) to DVConnect.

The Minister appreciates your concerns and asked the QPS to contact you so that our office can be better informed about the issues you have raised.

I understand that Acting Senior Sergeant Chris Stafford, Queensland Police Referrals State Coordinator, spoke with you on 13 November and discussed the Police Referrals process and your specific concerns around referrals to DVConnect being a form of abuse of men, leading to an increase in the prevalence of male suicide in Queensland. I am further advised that your concerns relate to the availability of appropriate end point support services that receive the referrals from police, rather than QPS itself.

Queensland Police Referrals is a process that allows police to connect at-risk and vulnerable people with specialist external support service providers to address social and lifestyle issues impacting on their life. Offering a referral has become an embedded strategy in the frontline policing response to all occurrences.

Police Referrals was launched in December 2015 and is a totally online and automated process. The enhanced system has over 510 service providers covering 67 different issues, including domestic and family violence, victim support, homelessness and mental health. In 2019-20, police submitted 83,218 referral reports for at-risk and vulnerable Queenslanders to these providers.

Once a police officer completes the referral profile, the system auto-routes to the most appropriate provider according to the the identified issues, location, gender and indigenous status of the person.

I trust this information is helpful to you. Should you wish to discuss this matter in more detail, please contact Inspector Ben Martain, Manager Domestic, Family Violence and Vulnerable Persons Unit, on 3364 6323 or Acting Senior Sergeant Chris Stafford on 3364 6912.

Thank you for contacting the Minister.

Yours sincerely

Ellen McIntyre
Chief of Staff

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Thank you Ellen.

Please forward this response to the Minister.

Your reply on behalf of the minister explains the referrals process which seems entirely practical, logical and appropriate to outsource. It likely works well for many of the 67 different issues for which referrals are made and many of the 510 service providers available may well be entirely appropriate for those issues.

I see no reason why the police referrals system itself is not entirely appropriate and I have no concerns or complaint about the referrals process itself.

My concern is for one specific issue which is that of male victim of Domestic and Family Violence, and one specific provider, DV Connect Mensline as the selected choice for that issue category. The combination of the issue and the service provider results in an increase in the prevalence of male suicide in Queensland.

I consequently ask that the Queensland Police Service:

1: Select an organisation free of ideological gender bias towards women for the provision of the service to male victims of Domestic and Family Violence.


2: Cease to offer any referrals to any support for male victims of Domestic and Family Violence so as to avoid encouraging male suicide, until such time that an appropriate organisation free of ideological gender bias towards women is funded to support and understand male victims of Domestic and Family Violence.


3: Release an official referenceable statement that male victims of Domestic and Family Violence do not exist and consequently should not approach police for assistance and where they do so, they will receive a referral to an organisation who will deny their existence and encourage them to admit they are in fact Domestic and Family Violence perpetrators.

I did have an excellent discussion with Acting Senior Sergeant Chris Stafford, the Queensland Police Referrals State Coordinator. I believe that we both arrived at the conclusion that the problem was largely outside the scope of the referrals system itself and related more to Queensland Government policy on Domestic and Family Violence responses.

I commented that this is likely something which neither he nor I likely had the ability to change. This is demonstrated by your description of the process as “the system auto-routes to the most appropriate provider”.

Consequently, I very much appreciate your offer to discuss this matter with Inspector Ben Martin, Manager Domestic, Family Violence and Vulnerable Persons Unit. This is probably best done through a face-to-face meeting due to the complexity of the issues needing discussion.

I’d appreciate the minister arranging and facilitating such a meeting to discuss the topics below. I also believe the involvement of the minister in such a meeting would greatly assist the minister’s understanding of the problem. It would also serve to reassure the Queensland public that these matters are being taken seriously by the Queensland Police Service.

1: Does the QPS Domestic, Family Violence and Vulnerable Persons Unit acknowledge the existence of male victims of Domestic and Family Violence?

2: If so, why did a member of the Vulnerable Persons Unit threaten a male victim of domestic violence and officially nominated federal senate candidate with arrest if they submitted their real name to the Australian Electoral Commission?

3: Does the Queensland Police Service officially encourage male victims of Domestic and Family Violence to approach Police for help?

4: If so, why is evidence ignored? Why are DVO’s protecting them lost? Why, when seeking to parent their son, was a person arrested and criminally charged for asking police in writing and by phone to enforce the law and keep the peace?

5: Why was an officer unquestionably accepting of a woman’s allegation while simultaneously rejecting contrary evidence during a domestic violence complaint found to be acceptable official behaviour by the Queensland Police Service Ethical Standards Command?

6: How can statistics of Domestic and Family Violence matters, gathered by the Queensland Police Service, be in any way useful for accurately measuring the real prevalence in Queensland and consequently used in forming evidence-based government policy responses to the issue?

7: How do the answers to these questions reconcile with the views of the Queensland Government Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence?


Knot AMan

Male DV Victim – Queensland
Aborted Australian Senate Candidate
Member, Queensland Council of Civil Liberties
Coordinator, Activists for DV and Family Law Reform
Founding Member, DFV Advisory Working Group
Mensline Australia/On The Line Misandry Project
Founder, End Gender War Global (Australia)
Knot AMan is an alias because it is illegal for him to disclose his real name while standing for the Senate and claiming to be a victim of domestic violence. Police threatened him with arrest when he attempted to do so. An application to the Australian Human Rights Commission against the Queensland Police and the Queensland Judiciary has been submitted.

Audio Evidence

This is the audio evidence of abuse I have managed to process so far.

I have vast amounts I have not gone through yet. It’s quite difficult to listen to and work with because it re-exposes me to the abuse, so I’m working through it bit by bit as I can cope. If you would like to help, please contact me at knotaman at outlook dot com.

July 26 2015 – Duration 0:17 – Fall on the ground over there and die.

February 25 2015 – Duration 3:22 – You are supposed to be the man.
(AKA: I’m angry that you don’t accept patriarchal male privilege.)

To recover from that and learn what a man is I found this.

I am Not a Man

What does it mean when a woman says I’m not a man?

In 2015 I was told “You’re not a man”. I’m now going through all my evidence of abuse and after listening to the recording of that, I started to ponder.

If I had said “You’re not a woman”, then I imagine the response would a confused look, an assumption that I was unsuccessfully trying to be abusive and insulting, but also an angry request to clarify what I meant. Did I mean that she does not have female genitals? Did I mean that she is not conforming to the gender stereotype of a woman? Do I mean that she’s an uncaring person or maybe that she’s a bad mother? It wouldn’t necessarily be obvious what I was trying to say. – Even so, a seemingly reasonable and useful response might be “Oh, I didn’t know that. How would I be different if I was a woman?”

It doesn't have to be physical to be abuse
Emotional Abuse

But she said “You’re not a man” and my clarifying questions at the time weren’t answered enough for me to have much of an idea what she meant. She seemed to be very confident that she was right and had said similar things many times in the past.

So here I am introducing myself to the world.

I am Knot Aman, I live in Queensland, Australia, and I’m here to tell my story.