About Knot AMan

This site is written and maintained by Knot AMan, a male survivor of Domestic Violence. Knot is a father, a lobbyist, an activist, an advocate, a guest speaker, an author, a free thinker, a philosopher, a sociologist, a commentator, a researcher, a civil libertarian, a christian, a bisexual and a polyamorist. Knot is based in Queensland, Australia.

Knot’s interests are numerous and his motivation for creating this site is to assist his personal recovery from domestic violence while raising awareness of male victims and providing commentary about social issues in the areas of gender politics.

Knot is seeking to protect his son from domestic violence and has matters before the courts so is withholding identifying details. All information provided on this site is anonymised and does not disclose the identity of any individual.  Knot can be contacted by sending an electronic mail message to his first and last name run together with no punctuation or spaces at outlook.com.

Knot will provide disclosing details to specific individuals on a case-by-case basis.

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