Audio Evidence

This is the audio evidence of abuse I have managed to process so far.

I have vast amounts I have not gone through yet. It’s quite difficult to listen to and work with because it re-exposes me to the abuse, so I’m working through it bit by bit as I can cope. If you would like to help, please contact me at knotaman at outlook dot com.

July 26 2015 – Duration 0:17 – Fall on the ground over there and die.

February 25 2015 – Duration 3:22 – You are supposed to be the man.
(AKA: I’m angry that you don’t accept patriarchal male privilege.)

To recover from that and learn what a man is I found this.

Author: Knot Aman

Knot is a male survivor of Domestic Violence, a candidate for the senate for Queensland in 2019, a father, lobbyist, activist, advocate, a guest speaker, author and free thinker, a philosopher, sociologist, commentator, researcher, and a christian civil libertarian and polyamorist.

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