NO to violence against …

  • To Violence against Women: No.
  • To Violence against Children: No.
  • To Violence against Old People: No.
  • To Violence against Animals: No.

Might there be something missing?

To Violence against Men, we say …

  • Don’t be silly.
  • Women and their children are almost always the victims.
  • Men control the money and get paid more in their jobs.
  • Men are physically stronger.
  • Look at the statistics of the number of women killed by men!
  • How dare you threaten our funding!
  • Women don’t commit violence.
  • Men are the aggressors who commit the violence.
  • Men don’t care for children, women do.
  • A real man wouldn’t complain about these trivial things.

I am not a man. I think there’s something missing when we carve out certain groups and raise awareness that violence should not be directed towards them.

If it wasn’t true that men were “left out” (oops) of domestic violence victim advocacy campaigns it would be laughable. An impartial observer would be incredulous that almost all advertising is to prevent violence towards “Women, Children and Old People”.

Author: Knot Aman

Knot is a male survivor of Domestic Violence, a candidate for the senate for Queensland in 2019, a father, lobbyist, activist, advocate, a guest speaker, author and free thinker, a philosopher, sociologist, commentator, researcher, and a christian civil libertarian and polyamorist.

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